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This site is dedicated to the four teams who worked together in Final Project at Full Sail University. These four teams were composed of Game Design Master's students, Game Art Bachelor's students, and Game Development Bachelor's students.  They were randomly assigned to each of the four teams at the beginning of April 2010.  Game Design students acted as Internal Producers scheduling and tracking the team over the course of the 5 month development cycle. Game Development students were the programmers for the games being produced and Game Art students created all the assets seen in each game. To find out more about our teams, please check the About page.

Please enjoy playing our games, installers located on the Downloads page, and feel free to comment in our Guestbook!

For those who were unable to attend presentations at Full Sail, our live stream has been uploaded and saved for future viewing.

Click here to view the page that has our presentation video from Final Presentations Thursday, August 19, 2010. You can watch each team separately on our Videos page also.


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